Why National Change Management Strategies are Vital Right Now?

The globe and it’s countries of people are going through a significant change economically, technologically, culturally and socially. Strategies to protect lives, livelihoods and the economy are at the forefront, while harnessing and capitalising on technological opportunity take prominant place in both business and government. Global strategy is interlinked with national and regional strategies, and are largely dependent on the unique culture and running of services and business in each country.

As a result of Coronavirus, humanity has been forced into a seismic shift in the way we do things and how we interact with eachother. ‘Change management strategy’ involves not only the processes, but the management of both business and governmental relationships with the people, during highly turbulent economic, medical and environmental times. Effective communications are at the heart of navigating through successful change. Capabilities and finance are a large barrier, but the general public could be the biggest barrier to change. Ensuring the people are on-side takes significant trust building and breaking down emotional barriers. People dislike change that impacts their way of life, particularly in ways we do not accept, and in general we will not follow leadership if and when trust is broken. Education and the media are a vital element in keeping the public informed, but also supporting us through that complex, and emotionally challenging super change. Social media monitoring, listening and responding both compassionately and practically is critical, as is collaboration. Using my own nation the United Kingdom as an example, this is certainly the most challenging time we’ve had since World War II. We thought the transition through Brexit and the impact those years have had on employment and businesses, was bad enough. I’d like to know, where is and who is leading our change management strategy, and is it robust enough to lead us through this crisis, and the long-term changes we may have to consider?

About the Author
Deborah Collier is a business and educational leader globally renowned for strategy, with specialisms in digital business, digital and humanity, information, education and marketing. Change management strategy is a vital ingredient in organisational leadership and transformation – digital transformation or otherwise.

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