The future must be the perfect blend of humans, technology, digital and planet, but what does that mean for employment? How will we demonstrate our worth in a future world and where do we find our purpose?

Change has always been part of both evolution and revolution and the willingness and ability to adapt is what strengthens humanity. Digital skills should pair with human skills, not only in terms of human computer interaction, but in the way we continue to interface with each other. If the focus is not only on digital skills, but more vitally human skills and abilities such as caring, customer service, psychology, creativity and innovation, our future will be bright. The manual and functional roles will continue to be taken over by robots and artificial intelligence, freeing up time for humans to focus on cognitive, analytical, monitoring, management, caring, communications, strategic and creative work. In 2024 and beyond humans will learn both technical and digital skills relevant to their roles, while others focus on innovation and using technologies and digital business to either earn money or solve the world’s problems.

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About the Author

Deborah Collier is an influential strategic & ‘Futurist Leader’ with 30-years’ experience working across digital, technology, marketing and business. A digital, media and technology entrepreneur, described as a ‘global economic force’ as founder and president of industry’s global awarding body Digital Skills Authority. She is also a media CEO, and former non-executive director.