Digital Ethics – How Can We Balance Humanity with Innovation?

Digital ethics is coming of age. The rise in social media conversation, user-generated content and use of mobile devices, coupled with our growing interaction with digital and artificial intelligence, means that as individuals we are creating an extension of ourselves and a ‘digital identity’. As we become more ‘digitally human’, protection and privacy of our digital selves is becoming ever-more critical. As digital business and automation continue to grow, with more tasks occupied by Artificial Intelligence, the question of ethics regarding innovation versus both employment and human behaviour, come to the forefront. However, digital business frees up individuals to perform more managerial, creative and innovation roles. In 2020 and beyond, I predict a significant shift in employment and skills needs. Both organisations and individuals must ensure that they have the right skills, education, experience, culture and environment to fulfil these changing needs. Environment and the planet is also of growing importance to humanity, and as such, while automation and digital reduce paper usage and deforestation, electricity production and energy sources to run technology and server farms, should continue to come from ‘green’ power production such as solar and wind power.

Excerpt from Deborah’s ‘Top 5 2020 Digital World Predictions‘ published in January 2020

About the Author

Deborah is President at Digital Skills Authority, and has worked in the field of digital business, publishing and media for the last 20-years. She champions ethics in digital business and innovation.