2024 will signify the beginning of the ‘5th Industrial Revolution’ and the beginning of an explosive age that catapults production, business growth and scientific advancement through Artificial Intelligence.

According to leading organizations, Artificial Intelligence will contribute over 15-trillion US dollars to the global economy by 2030, but are businesses leveraging this modern-day gold rush? Do they have the know-how to have the competitive-edge or keep up with their competitors? Are they innovating?

Investment in innovation, entrepreneurship, technical and non-technical skills are critical to boosting economies by growing nations’ GDP and driving citizen prosperity. Business sustainability is vital in turbulent economic times, but the 5th Industrial Revolution, means businesses have the potential to grow at rate not witnessed in modern times.

Productivity and growth can be supported by enabling access to information and skills in ‘Generative AI’, across even non-technical roles in organizations.  Our augmented future will include AI-augmented development of intelligent applications, along with a connected workforce augmented with wearable AI-powered devices. 

Artificial intelligence will further speed scientific advancements in health, engineering and manufacturing, as well as enabling business growth through AI powered content and media production, marketing, reporting, problem-solving and data analysis. In addition, the implementation of sustainably produced and powered technologies, will drive ethical and green initiatives for businesses.

Businesses not participating in the 5th Industrial Revolution, are missing out on a golden opportunity to boost their revenue and growth, and survive during tough economic times.

About the Author

Deborah Collier is an influential strategic & ‘Futurist Leader’ with 30-years’ experience working across digital, technology, marketing and business. A digital, media and technology entrepreneur, described as a ‘global economic force’ as founder and president of industry’s global awarding body Digital Skills Authority. She is also a media CEO, and former non-executive director.

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