The world today feels ever more turbulent. While human-connectedness enabled by social networks and ‘Content Social Symbiosis’ are nurturing compassion and empathy, we are navigating one crisis after another. After a decade of multiple recessions and a global pandemic, the world faces threats of war, including traditional, cyber and information warfare. However as nations fight for power, land and wealth, others strive for honour, integrity and a better world. Digital with a human heart, has the ability to drive peace. Data, digital communications and networking technologies can be used to stop disinformation, fake news, prejudice, hate and incitement of violence, that lead to war and other forms of conflict. In 2024, it is for humanity to rise to the challenge with positive, purposeful digital media and communications that inspire world peace.

Extract: 2024 Digital World Predictions

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About the Author

Deborah Collier is an influential strategic & ‘Futurist Leader’ with 30-years’ experience working across digital, technology, marketing and business. A digital, media and technology entrepreneur, described as a ‘global economic force’ as founder and president of industry’s global awarding body Digital Skills Authority. She is also a media CEO, and former non-executive director.