It is not Artificial Intelligence we should fear, but those who control it. Safety must be about ensuring AI leverages the best of humanity and not humanity’s greed and cruelty. Governance of technologies, data and communications by the right people, is absolutely critical to the well-being and future of humanity. Our thinking, planning and action must go beyond artificial intelligence. The greatest assets can pose the biggest threats. As beings with free will, implantable devices, particularly those developed for the human brain, pose the greatest threat to our existence. Will we continue to let developers, financiers and politicians dominate and control technology, data and communications, or will we explore a democratic digital government of wise men and women? In 2024, there will be a significant shift in governance, which will include not only how we govern, but who will govern the formidable trio of digital, communications and technologies. (Extract 2024 Digital World Predictions)

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About the Author

Deborah Collier is an influential strategic & ‘Futurist Leader’ with 30-years’ experience working across digital, technology, marketing and business. A digital, media and technology entrepreneur, described as a ‘global economic force’ as founder and president of industry’s global awarding body Digital Skills Authority. She is also a media CEO, and former non-executive director, and Chair of CXO Congress.