Positive evidence and revolutionary progress of Artificial Intelligence is unfolding at hyper speed, and AI is quickly evolving as a co-pilot of choice. Increased productivity and solving complex problems, particularly in the fields of medicine and global sustainability, are at the forefront of aspirational AI.  Usability designers, programmers and experts look to make AI more human, to improve acceptance and collaboration, inspiring both philosophical and ethical questions around humans being replaced by AI. However, humanity can design and program AI to emulate empathy, but to have empathy and emotion would of course require the development of sentience (a distinct separation between humanity and machines).  This understanding and delicate handling are particularly key for work in mental health, any form of social care, as well as customer-service. Governments in countries such as Estonia and Finland have employed AI to support civilians with using their online services, (an additional tool in customer service), which if deployed effectively could ultimately reduce taxation needs or boost innovation in other areas such as health and education. In 2022, industry experienced a revolution in Artificial Intelligence, a large AI model and ‘Codex’ that can translate natural languages into several programming languages. Programming co-pilots, such as ‘GitHub Co-pilot’ which uses this technology, increases productivity by freeing up developers to focus on innovation and more complex cognitive activities.  In 2023 and beyond, invigorated by the progress and adoption of AI in society, my model for evolving and future skills ‘Diversity-of-Things’ DoT’, becomes ever more apparent. As always with evolving technology, careful monitoring, moderation and regulation are vital. However, governments which have been behind in keeping up with industry and humanity’s needs as a result of bureaucracy, political goals, lack of awareness or foresight, cannot risk lack of planning and action ahead and alongside innovation, rather than behind it.

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Deborah Collier is a senior strategic, futurist and foresight leader with over 30-years experience working in digital, business, media and education. She is the founder and President of industry’s global awarding body for digital and digital business skills, the CEO of Future Knowledge Group, a keynote speaker and author of a number of digital leadership programs and insights.