‘Internet-of-Things’ (IoT), 5G and artificial intelligence will unite to revolutionize automation.  Industry anticipates that around 1-trillion IoT sensors will be placed globally by 2022. These will be employed in clothing and other apparel, household appliances and office, professional and personal devices, for example.  5G provides high-speed, while artificial intelligence (intelligent software programs) uses the data provided by the sensors to make informed and calculated decisions.  AI will decide what to do with data, such as providing scientific analysis to universities or manufacturers about ‘wear and tear’ and product demand, for example.  It can make intelligent buying decisions linked to e-commerce and throughout the supply chain to delivery.  One example is replenishing the contents of a fridge. Sensors in the fridge order to grocery retailers through e-commerce, based on learned buying behaviour, but with the ability to have human buyer intervention, as required.  In a professional setting, healthcare providers can reduce workload, improve efficiency, reduce costs and reduce errors, during the pandemic and beyond by employing these technologies together.  A pharmacy restocking medicines, hospitals and medical centres replenishing medical supplies are two functions I suggest would benefit from this winning technological combination.

Extract: Top 5 Digital World Predictions 2021

About the Author

Strategic & Futurist Leader Deborah Collier is also the founder and leader of the Digital Skills Authority. She was affectionately given the name ‘Half-Geek Half-Human’ by one of her peers in 2010 due to her passion for what technology can do for humanity.