I was recently interviewed by Thinkers360 for their ‘Prominent Thought-Leaders Series’. My passion is strategy – thinking strategically and then leading creatively, looking at scenarios like a high-level map, foreseeing risks, benefits, opportunities, and then coming up with ideas either as business, organisational or marketing strategy, commercial product or for company, national or global solutions, or disaster prevention.  I wanted to highlight this excerpt for those in business.

As Futurist Leader, you are described as a “Strategic Brain”, what overall advice would you give to organisations for the future?

Technology is moving at hyper-speed, and we are witnessing a huge cultural shift. Organisations should ensure they remain lean with an agile strategy, responding to risks and opportunities quickly. They should also ensure they are future-proof. Yes, we should be thinking about the near-term, but what about 2030, and 2050. What will the typical human be like? Where and how will we be living, communicating and travelling, for example? What opportunities will arise? What challenges will we face, and how will we respond to them?”

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Whatever, the organisation, strategy or offering, there are three vital elements that should not be ignored for a successful future:-

Further insights about these elements are available in my articles, talks and other media.

About the Author

Deborah Collier M.Sc. FRSA is an influential strategic, foresight and futurist leader in business, digital, education and media working on boards in the UK and North America. Described by academics and leaders as an ‘original thinker’, ‘thought-leader’, and ‘economic force’, she is an author and professional keynote speaker with a global audience, major brand following, network and readership of C-Suite leaders and professionals in business, academia, government, media and entertainment. A digital, technology and media entrepreneur, achieving global impact, she developed and implemented a three-pillared model, plan and solution for sustainability (Economy, Social and Environment), a digital governance framework, scalable brands, methodologies for strategic planning and leadership and management programs used by blue-chip organisations around the globe.  A media group CEO, Chair and Non-Executive Director, she is a digital education pioneer, founder and president of industry’s global awarding body Digital Skills Authority.