In 2022 the Metaverse was the prominent discussion topic around user experience and virtual interaction for entertainment, the workplace and education. However, behind the hype of a technological ‘buzzword’, born from established gaming, virtual reality and long-established virtual worlds, such as ‘SecondLife’, a more powerful and palatable concept and it’s technologies will come to the forefront. The future is hybrid, whether in terms of hybrid working, blended education (mixed media, live and classroom); hybrid events (live online, virtual, multimedia and in-person; and retail (e-commerce, omni-channel, and in-store). What is powering this? Firstly, consumer lifestyle and choice, and secondly business needs (cost reduction and efficiency) coupled with technological opportunity and innovation. So what is mixed reality? Mixed reality enables us all to exist in our current worlds, but have the choice and control to enhance our view of objects, people, information and content through a lens. The lens, of course is glasses or other devices such as tablets or phones. Both industry and consumers eagerly await new innovations in the field of headsets and eyewear.

2023 Digital World Predictions

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Deborah Collier is a strategic and futurist leader in business, digital, media and education. She is founder and President at Digital Skills Authority, a Non-Executive Director and media group CEO. She has delivered digital world and digital business predictions annually for 14-years, which have been featured in a number of national and industry publications.