As a knowledge-seeker, educator, thinker, and collaborator, I am interested in what humanity can do as a collective as a society, as well as when you bring together brilliant minds, innovators and experts. ‘Utopia’ is an ideal that means something different to each and everyone of us, but for those with high emotional intelligence and empathy, it is fuelled by compassion, liberty and harmony (with appropriate regulation and governance in place). When I conceived ‘Toward Utopia’, I was developing a concept that would bring together a collective of thinkers, to consider and challenge all aspects of society, technology, innovations and practices, to see whether these would lead us to a happy and improved world or a degenerated society. The last decade has been significantly challenging for many, and as such we all needed and do still need hope, so as part of that I created the movement, focused on community and collaborative ideas from the general public.

Social media and technology, which have become an extension of our human selves, have fuelled our evolution, progress and risks. Technological advancements are moving at an exponential rate, and I wanted us to think about how those are impacting our culture and way of life.

From a media perspective, I wanted to develop something both positive and evergreen that would have a continous need, that could grow and expand, and leave a lasting positive legacy.

Through the vehicle of Toward Utopia, thinkers, innovators and leaders discuss and debate the past, present and future of:

  • science, technology, digital innovation and AI
  • government, society and culture
  • human psychology & mental health
  • health and medicine
  • environment and the planet
  • our lifestyle
  • the universe
  • entertainment
  • and more…

Toward Utopia fits with my work as a futurist and strategic thinker, however, my work to date, aside from my own employment, has been focused on supporting entrepreneurship and innovating, the progress of organisations and generating employment through education and certifications. It has traversed multiple industries, which has been strategic, problem solving and creative, but also with a heavy focus on organisatonal strategy, commerce, business, product, education and information.

‘Toward Utopia’ is something different. It’s creative, it’s intellectual, it’s collaborative, it’s high-impacting, it’s challenging and it’s multi-faceted. ‘Toward Utopia’ is my passion and I hope it will become the passion of others too!

About the Author
Deborah Collier is a futurist, strategic education and business leader and executive producer of high-end TV / Film productions.