Through social media conversation, humanity has become an integrated extension of business. What does this mean for enterprises, workers and society?

Businesses operate as machines with humans at the helm, however businesses have become more and more people led than machine led, while artificial intelligence plays it’s part. In addition, the growth of social media conversation, and user-generated content, has impacted how businesses now interact with the public. Essentially, as social networks, technology and devices have become an extension of our individual selves, the general public and its conversation have become an extension of businesses (and other organizations). Business and entrepreneurship are integrating with humanity.

Business and Consciousness

Consciousness and conscience in business, have always existed to some degree. Here are some examples of ethical business, as well as areas that are evolving toward the age of ‘Conscious Business’):

  • Business practices that support rather than harm the environment, through green initiatives and conservation (for example)
  • Philanthropy from profit (as we are seeing from founders of highly profitable organizations including tech giants and social networks)
  • Human development, for example: Equal opportunities; Mental health, safety and well-being in the workplace; Flexible working conditions and supporting family life
  • Research, development, production and solutions that help humanity and the planet
  • Partnership with suppliers operating, offering or delivering ethical solutions
  • Strategic partnerships with charitable initiatives that help human development through education, employment and well-being for people from all areas of society
  • Marketing budgets used ethically, as well as in partnership with organizations and charities supporting humanity, (for example sponsorship and education)

Socially conscious brands are looking at ways they can integrate with and support society. They understand that true success happens when businesses support or work with initiatives and organizations that support humanity. Business success may be measured ultimately in profit, (as well as positive brand awareness and public perception), however one of the greatest achievements from ‘Conscious Capitalism’ or ‘Conscious Business’ is the joy and motivation it inspires in a workforce. According to psychological and scientific research, individuals gain the same feeling of satisfaction from doing a good deed, as they do from being given money. We can imagine how that level of motivation, combined with positive business activities, can support successful enterprise, the community and ultimately humanity. ‘Conscious Business’ should be at the heart of any strategy.

Extract from Deborah’s article Conscious Business: 2020 and Beyond (published on Linkedin Sept 18th 2019)

About the Author
Deborah is a futurist and business leader with over 20-years experience, across multi-industry consultancy, education, publishing and media. She is President & Chief Information Marketing Officer at Digital Skills Authority