I’ve always been very generous with sharing knowledge through articles and social media posts.   As a strategic leader in education and business, it’s my instinct to want to help, come up with ideas and solve problems. The 50,000 words plus of articles and books, I’ve written over the years, have hopefully inspired and supported others in business, digital, career ventures and pursuits.  However, knowledge must be valued.  There has to be a balance between sharing and offering insight, to giving away vital intelligence or even your ‘Intellectual Property’.

Generosity, should never be confused with low value, but as a taster of what more lies behind, what could be, just a fraction of know-how or information.  I share about 5% of my specialist knowledge for free in articles, in social media or in conversation, and share about 30% in very in-depth high-value courses I’ve authored.  Creative thought process, research, ideas and knowledge are reserved in measure to, the organisations I am part or future innovation and media ventures.

It’s wonderful to have a following that reads your articles and social media posts, as you do want to offer value, but it’s important also to ensure you and your work continue to remain valued.

About the Author

Deborah is an author, publisher and educational leader. She is President and Chief Information Officer at Digital Skills Authority, and also serves on the board of directors at a leading UK government funded education management organisation.