Have you ever wondered what will inspire people and organisations to contribute to climate action? Any good marketer, advertiser or influencer will tell you that any change is driven by impact, reward and emotion. For over a decade, remembering back to my French A-Level oral, in which I said “Je m’inquiète pour l’environnement, car on le détruit…”, I have campaigned though my articles, such as ‘Going Green’, on social media and within the COB Certified E-Business Manager and leader programs about green practices for business. Digital business helps to prevent deforestation through less paper usage, but to deploy responsibly organisations should move to renewable energy for hosting. It has taken more than a decade to finally see major hosting companies move to 100% renewable energy. However, what will motivate change by the everyday citizen? ‘Home’ is a basic human need, but what if one day we had to move home due to climate change? This is a real story for millions around the world and is causing a greater migratory shift than conflict. I predict that Digital Storytelling about these human stories, will be one of the major drivers for citizen commitment to climate action in 2023.

Top 5 2023 Digital World Predictions

About the Author
Deborah Collier is a strategic and futurist leader in digital, business, education and media. Widely regarding as an expert in digital business and marketing, she is founder and President of industry’s global awarding body Digital Skills Authority, and creator of it’s COB Certified E-Business Manager and Leader programs. As the Futurist Leader, she has developed strategy, led innovation and discussion around are the future of humanity and culture, with a focus on ethical implementation of technology for humanity. She is passionate about economic, social and environmental sustainability and has created products, content and ventures to support this.