The journey to Digital Skills Authority is a motivational one, fuelled with some joyful and funny moments, tremendous sacrifice, hurdles overcome and still to be overcome. Some of these entrepreneurial escapades may not be revealed until I am old and grey. Here’s hoping.

Digital Skills Authority was built on history and authenticity. It transformed as an economic solution during the pandemic from a series of established industry digital business and marketing certifications programs with a thirteen year history.  My mission – Employment through reskilling, skills enhancement, new jobs creation and entrepreneurship, enabling economic and social mobility, coupled with an ethical digital governance framework and planet protecting education on areas such as paper reduction and green energy.  Thus my ‘Three-pillared model and solution for sustainability – Economic, Social and Environment’ was born and something I will be talking about more in the near future.

Audacious – Perhaps. Who said “Nothing ventured nothing gained”?

Audacity – A 30-year history of rolling up the sleeves and doing, as well as leading, teaching, enabling and advising. Why not me?

As the organisation grows with an expanding board, exam council and network and team of international expert trainers, it will hopefully have the greater global impact I designed it to achieve. In the meantime, I delivered a keynote speech on the skills revolution, my journey to building the Digital Skills Authority, the future and its mission for humanity. Please watch out for video of talk at Digital Skills Authority’s new YouTube channel.

About the Author
Digital Skills Authority founder Deborah Collier is a Strategic & Futurist Leader in Business, Education and Digital. During her career she has trained and advised leaders, teams and professionals from Fortune 500, government ministries and blue-chip organisations around the globe, as well as SME’s and start-ups.