According to a number of newspaper articles and media outlets, ‘The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’,  an intergovernmental economic organisation with 37 member countries, has reported that the global economy is likely to suffer the worst slump in a 100-years with the UK the worst affected by Covid-19 damage. 

It may be some time before things return to normal, when social distance measures and travel restrictions are no longer required.   In the meantime, businesses and organisations must look at alternative models for driving the economy, boosting investment and employment.  As someone who has led businesses, with a heavy footprint in the knowledge economy, and an early career consulting and training on digital business and e-commerce, I have watched buying habits increase from high-street to e-commerce, digital business innovation and the growth of citizen-to-citizen commerce through online marketplaces, and developed a suite of certification programs for individuals and employees, which have been used by leading organisations around the globe.

Coronavirus has literally catapulted e-commerce and the necessity of both digital business and digital practices to the forefront.  In 2020, I expanded The Certificate in Online Business with a skilled team of professionals, inclusive of a rebrand to the Digital Skills Authority.  I believe and hope that the industry’s global ‘Digital Skills Authority’ will be an important ingredient in enabling the global Digital Economy.  I am deeply passionate about making a difference to our world. This may just be the vehicle to do so, and hopefully leave a lasting and ever growing legacy.

Please expect more insight, article and opinion on the Digital Economy in the months to come, and in particular on The Certificate in Online Business and Digital Skills Authority web sites.