In my annual Top 5 Digital World Predictions for 2021, I wanted to provide both solutions and hope to readers, for those looking for opportunities, and those concerned about their future. In many circles in academia, government, some media and business, it is common knowledge that the Coronavirus threat is not expected to pass until 2022, unless there is a radical shift. During this tough year ahead while collectively we manage health, individual and global economies, my concern is employment generation, household incomes and the welfare of others during the crisis.

‘The Bridge of Hope’ must be carefully and strategically planned, with every opportunity to secure a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous future for all.  Coronavirus has forced a global reset, regardless of whether many businesses were in dire need of a relaunch – a reboot ensuing from unfavourable economic events since 2008. Whatever our actions, it is imperative that we address not only businesses, wealth and prosperity, but the employment and support of our fellow human-beings.  We will have some turmoil ahead, but ultimately the future can be bright.

Extract: Digital World Predictions 2021

About the Author
Deborah is a globally-renowned futurist, strategy expert and founder of the Digital Skills Authority.