As a futurist, developing strategies and delivering strategic counsel, I have always thought about risks and opportunities ahead – from technological advancements and innovations, as well as cultural, economic and governmental shifts.

During 2009 – 2018, I published my top 5 annual predictions for e-business for the coming year. I’ve listed the subjects below with links to the articles (which have been published in the media, as well as on Digital Skills Authority’s – The Certificate in Online Business web site).

In 2020, with the changing landscape, I launched a new series of ‘Digital World Predictions‘.

The majority of the below 2009-2018 predictions did take place, or are starting to take place now. Some are also opportunities, which have not been fully taken advantage of. In those predictions, I offer ideas and tips for future successful business enabled by digital.

E-Business Predictions 2018

  1. E-Risk Takes Centre-Stage – Response to new global impacting legislation
  2. Boom in India
  3. E-Commerce Strategy Response to Brexit
  4. Subscription Services Join Forces
  5. Artificial Intelligence Marketing Evolution

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E-Business Predictions 2017

  1. V-Commerce (Virtual Reality Shopping) Becomes Accessible
  2. Online Businesses Focus on Child Protection
  3. 4G Delivers Content to a Wider Audience in Asia Pacific
  4. Bitcoin Blooming
  5. Travel and Tourism – Opportunity and Turbulence

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E-Business Predictions 2016

  1. V-Commerce (Virtual Reality Shopping)
  2. E-Business Strategy for Mobile
  3. Real-time Product and Service Preparation & Tracking
  4. How to be Clever at Online Marketing in 2016
  5. Progress through Collaboration

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E-Business Predictions 2015

  1. Banks Enable Innovation in the UK
  2. Pureplay Internet Businesses in MINT condition
  3. Teenagers Lay Future Foundations
  4. Privacy Takes Centre Stage
  5. Customer Service Reinvention

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E-Business Predictions 2014

  1. West Invests in Ultimate E-Business
  2. Big Data Brain
  3. All Eyes on Brazil
  4. Africa Potential
  5. Social Advertising Matures

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E-Business Predictions 2013

  1. Focus on Emerging Markets
  2. Online Retailers Turn to Bricks and Mortar
  3. Increase in Citizen E-Commerce
  4. Death of the Small Retailer?
  5. Regulating E-Business Takes Centre Stage

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E-Business Predictions 2012

  1. High Volume Sales, Supply Chain and Customer Service at Heart of Retail Strategy
  2. Mobile Payments Evolution
  3. Social Design
  4. The Success of Multi-Channel is Cross-Channel
  5. The Leaner Government

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E-Business Predictions 2011

  1. Tax Hikes to Increase E-Commerce and Exports
  2. Entrepreneurialism Stimulated by Internet opportunities
  3. Emerging Markets
  4. The Mobile Age
  5. Team Restructuring

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E-Business Predictions 2010

  1. Goodbye to the Middleman
  2. The Year of the Delivery Company
  3. Creative Sponsored Advertising
  4. Mobile Commerce Revolution
  5. Free Culture Frenzy

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E-Business Predictions 2009

  1. Year of the Small Business Entrepreneur
  2. Social Media Overload Means Start of Social Media Strategy
  3. Widget Wizardry – Dynamically Updating Widgets in Place of Banner Ads
  4. Personalisation – Customer Chooses Their Own Content
  5. Product Pricing Wars and E-Commerce

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